Andrew is a founder, manager and team player in the hospitality industry and has been part of technology start-ups and international engineering and finance companies. He focuses on pooling these work experiences across different industries and countries to help others achieve their goals in the growing European cannabis market.

Andrew brings a charismatic and strategic approach that every company wants to have by their side. Its success clearly lies with the people in identifying, building and maintaining key relationships.

Business is always done with and by people, so his primary focus is always on building long-term relationships with the people you need to build and grow your business.


His main areas of advice include:

  • Sourcing investment opportunities

  • Investment advice for investors

  • Company formation

  • Business and finance planning

  • Negotiating



Sebastien started his career in 2007 with a multi-award-winning umbrella hedge fund, specializing in macroeconomics, hedge fund investments and risk management. In 2016, he founded a Swiss regulated asset management company based in the canton of Zug, where he manages a macro hedge fund and offers investor-friendly investment vehicles.

In addition to his extensive investment experience, Seb also has a platform to gain access to a wide range of investment opportunities.


His main areas of advice include:

  • Monitoring global government policies to legalize cannabis for medical or recreational purposes

  • Providing suitable investment tools for access to the growing cannabis industry

  • Provision of investment capital for companies

  • Management of cannabis-related investment products



Sarah has been in marketing, branding and design for more than 10 years. Her passion for design is strengthened by training in the graphics industry, studying communication and many years of agency experience from various projects in Germany and abroad.
With the founding of her own creative agency STADTHELDEN in 2014, she was able to assert herself successfully in the market. In the meantime, the agency develops, designs and designs concepts and projects for clients such as Coco Cola Switzerland, Helvetia Versicherung and Sunrise.
In addition to her know-how in the field of branding & design, Sarah also brings great attention to detail and an exceptional feeling for the demands, wishes and ideas of each individual customer at FINELEAF .


Her main areas of advice include:

  • Conception & creation

  • Communication & media planning

  • Branding

  • Design

  • Strategic marketing & event management

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