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The Future of the Swiss Cannabis Market

Webinar / Tuesday Oct. 6 2020 Presented by Global GO Switzerland & FINELEAF.

After decriminalizing minor cannabis possession in 2012, Switzerland has made several advancements in developing progressive laws around cannabis and CBD. By legalizing sales of low-THC cannabis and CBD, it has positioned itself as an obvious and attractive option for domestic and international businesses looking to enter the European market.

While, medical cannabis remains surprisingly limited—with only two pharmacies licensed to dispense tinctures and oil concentrates to patients with serious or terminal illnesses—the government recently approved a pilot program to start cannabis trials for recreational use. With approximately 20,0000 cannabis users in Switzerland, the recreational market is estimated to be worth $500 million.

This panel aims to give a detailed overview on the future of the Swiss cannabis and CBD markets.

Host: Paul Rosen, Executive Chairman, Global Go Keynote: Peter Steger Owner Of Heidak Ag And Spagyrik Produktions Ag

Panel: Andrew Petronanos Founder, Fineleaf and Global Go Switzerland Dr. Sandra Schoenes Founder & Director, Heidi’s Garden & Reyos Roger Koch CEO and Founder of HEIMAT Yannik Schlup CSO at PureGene and PURE Holding AG Dr Gian Trepp Founder of GBTPharma and commercial director of Creso Pharma

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